Production of wooden handles, poles and furniture components

The Company ELEKTRIA, spol. s r.o. - r.s.p. has been established in 1994. It has started its businessactivity in electrical installation material wholesale. Fron 1996 on we have focused our activities onproduction of simple wooden products. We are producing wooden poles, handles for gardening toolsas well as furniture components for domestic and foreign markets.

Wooden Pelmet Poles

Wooden Pelmet Poles

Wooden poles - are eco-friendly, smoothly machined, made of spruce.

Production of brooms


Production of brooms according to customer requirements, in diameters of 25 mm and in lengths from 900 to 2000 mm.

Company Headquarters

The company is based in its own premises in the village of Domaniža in the district of Považská Bystrica.

Other wood products

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ELECTRIA spol. Ltd. manufactures its products on machine tools that have been self-adjusted to the required production so that all products are produced with optimal production costs, which allows the company to sell these products to customers at the best possible price.